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Morris Alfred lV - eleven. *OFFICIAL VIDEO*


Filmed/Directed by: Eyevan Rudas

Instagram: @eyevanrudas

Email: eyevanrudas@gmail


Song Produced by: LZR WLF

Instagram: @dmndmnd

Twitter: @NiggaWhyYouSad


Morris Alfred lV

Instagram: @morrisalfredlv

Twitter: @morrisalfredlv


if you fuck with my beats then check out this new beat i made tonight.

if interested in buying it, message me here & we will talk prices.


Imma just leave this new song of mine right here for all you ladies.

Wise Winters Album coming Winter 2014.

Morris Alfred lV // Sun Dress


some rough draft wisdom shit for yall to listen to by me. grab some headphones and listen.